Moving to France for work

Few months ago I moved to france for work reasons and I’d like to share how’s been the experience so far in this post.

Côte d'Azur

Côte d'Azur


First of all, I’ll present my particular situation before moving:

  • Finishing my master in Computer Engineering
  • Looking for a job abroad
  • Wishing to learn a new language

With these conditions, when I received an offer to work in France, it was really hard to say no :)

Getting started

First of all, you should check YfEJ. They can provide cash-help and also assistance to learn the language. Also, companies usually offer relocation help. In my case, this included:

  • Plan a visit day with an agent to choose your home
  • Contracts assistance. This included:
    • Rental contract
    • Home insurance
    • Bank account opening
    • Electricity set up

Company benefits

First thing you need to do before moving is get to know how much your new company can help you with the process. This will make your life way easier, otherwise, you can be stuck with a bunch of legal procedures you don’t know. This becomes critical when you don’t master the local language.

Choosing a home

In my experience, it’s very important that you know beforehand which flats they are going to show you. This way you can start thinking about it before you actually see the places. Things to take note about:

  • Does it include services?
  • Is it close to work/supermakets/bus stops?
  • Which home appliances does it include? Also, take note of the quality of the furniture

The place you choose to live in will be very important during your work abroad. You will spend a lot of time in it, so make your choice carefully.


In my case, what I did was moving with the basics and then arranging another trip to bring the rest of my stuff. This worked well for me because it allowed me to know exactly what I was needing in my new place.

First day

Try to make friends and enjoy your new job ;)