installing unreal engine on fedora 25

Linking GitHub with EpicGames

In this article you’ll find a way to get unreal engine and make it work on fedora 25. Firstly, you need to signup in github and then link your github account with your epic games account: Then you should receive an email confirming you joined up to the epic games organization. Once you receive it, you can clone the source code of unreal engine:

git clone
cd UnrealEngine/

Fixing a corrupted partition on a virtual machine

If you ever find the following error while using vagrant or simply when booting a virtual machine, we’ll later see how to solve it.

Couldn't remount RDWR because of unprocessed orphan inode list.
Download an Ubuntu ISO Boot the virtualmachine from the ISO file: Settings -> Storage -> Add CD/DVD Device -> Choose disk

Web development environment

In this post we’ll configure an advanced web development environment. For that, we’ll have our web hosted on a server (we will NOT use that server for development), and in our station we’ll have a virtual machine. For this vm we’ll use vagrant with the scotch box, which allows us to host a web without extra work


We’ll use the following tecnologies for our environment. You should review them before going on.

Installing ubuntu 16.04 on odroid xu3 lite

Choosing an image

Ubuntu 16.04 mate has just been released by odroid team, including support for xu3/xu4 boards and their lite versions. In this case we’re going to test Ubuntu 16.04 on odroid xu3 lite, which is the board I own. We’ll install it on an eMMC module, which is something like an small ssd (not really the same, eMMC isn’t as fast as ssd is). This module will give us a boost on performance, although we can also install Ubuntu on a SD card (class 10). Firslty, we need to download the image we want to install: From the list above I took the image I was looking for, which is the complete version for odroid xu3: